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Jam.py Application Builder
What is Jam.py? What MS Access is for Desktops, Jam.py is for Web. And much more. Simple.

With Jam.py you can create, customise, test and share awesome, fast, event-driven applications for SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird. All of that for free and no vendor lock-in!

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Developed Apps with Jam.py: Cohorts Training Application, ERP Comercial Espaço e Forma, Simple Assets/Parts Management, Postfix Aliases Application, Samba Shares Application, RedHat Satellite 5.x Dashboard, and many more in a fraction of time compared with other frameworks.

We even prepared a utility to convert MS Access database to SQLite3. Convert and Import into Jam.py is just a few clicks away! Convert Here

Check out our MindMap notes for converting a huge project to Jam.py! MindMap Diagram

Success Stories

-web2py original author Massimo Di Pierro about Jam.py: "Jam is a much more sophisticated version of web2py's appadmin, our name for the database UI. web2py is not a database UI and the one it exposes is in fact very limited. Jam.py is better at it."

- "I have just spent 30 minutes using jam.py. It is extraordinary and wonderful what you and your team seem to have accomplished. To provide some context - I spent 2 hours on OpenXava this morning and could not even get their demo working. I was able to set up Jam.py in 5 minutes from the pip install - your doco is great as well."

From an idea to live web site in no time.


Object-oriented, event-driven framework with hierarchical structure.


Powerful yet easy database table data handling on the server and the client.


Secure way to manage user accounts and passwords.

DRY principle! Don't repeat yourself, do it once, do it well.

With Jam.py Databases Application Builder, you can resolve a specific business problem. Out of the box Jam is providing: fast access to underlying databases, security, authentication, validation, calendars, multi languages, all of that with minimum of coding needed. Being Python framework, it is extensible and flexible.

“All in the browser” framework

With Jam.py, you just need the browser! Your productivity will sky rocket as you dig into the framework using our code editor. Make changes in the editor, refresh the page and see the results.

  • Internet Browser IDE
  • Code Editor with Syntax Highlighting and Code Completion
  • No declarative options, you are in charge.
  • Instant WYSIWYG
  • Application lifecycle tracking.
  • SQL and stored procedures supported for major vendors.
  • Integrate any Python library with no contract lock-in and reduce cost instantly.
  • Bootstrap, JQuery, JS, all in here. Use it with no fuss and learning this massive libraries.
  • Create rich, informative reports, due to band-oriented report generation based on LibreOffice templates.
  • Mobile devices supported out of the box.

Event driven grids

Event driven grids enable you to easily manipulate data simply by clicking on a cell and editing its value.

  • Event driven data-aware visual interface controls makes the framework flexible and powerful.
  • Edit your data in the grid, as you would in any Desktop spreadsheet application.
  • Create the master-detail table with breeze, utilising templates for displaying, which is no more than a copy/paste. Easy. Again, no declarative methods, the control is with you as it should be.

jsCharts or any charting libraries

Locked-in with a vendor charting capabilities? Never again. Use free libraries as jsChart, at.al.

  • Use the same charting capabilities on your mobile devices, once for all.
  • Visualise charts immediately after you create/import tables, with a few lines of code. Simple and effective.
  • Analyzing/displaying BIG data? Add free Python lib's, build a Jam Web Form with parameters, execute on the server. Profit.
Simple and effective UI with no fuss

Designed with the simplicity on mind, based on strong Delphi foundation. There are no web widgets, no dependencies on such. Yet, you can use CSS or JS and achieve fantastic results with Jam. In small to medium organisation with no dedicated developers, one can build an app based on requirements in no time with no hustle of declarative frameworks.

Deploying an Jam.py application takes seconds. Literally.

There are only a few files to deploy in the development/production environment. Comparing with some other frameworks, with mega deployment or database dependencies, Jam is a feather light.

  • Fast application export/import, easily transportable, kilobytes in size.
  • Develop on one database, deploy on the other. This is our promise to you. No database lock-in. Ever.
  • Scaling Jam.py application is extremely easy. Develop once, deploy anywhere.
  • Jam will deploy on Windows as well as Mac or Linux. Raspberry Pi? No worries.

A comprehensive Demo of Jam.py Application.

To help you you out, we included a comprehensive invoicing Demo you can base your next application on.

Jam.py is Open source. No vendor lock-in. Free to use and distribute.

By using Jam.py Application Builder, you will finally free your organisation of the vendor lock-in. Even more, with the freely available utilities, you can move your expensive database to the open source one leaving you with moving only the BI to Python. Oracle Forms for example, can be moved in no time, the Jam.py framework has Events to cover for the Forms logic. And, of course you have the source code, which can be accommodated for your organisational needs.