Record lockingΒΆ

In, application you can implement a record locking while users concurrently edit a record. uses optimistic locking model, also referred to as optimistic concurrency control.

When an application executes the edit_record method, it receives the current version of the record from the server and saves it. When the user starts saving the record, the server application checks the current version of the record. If it differs from the stored value (another user changed it while the record were being edited), the application warns the user and prohibits saving.

This record locking mechanism is very easy to implement.

To do so you need to create an item that will store record version.

Open project parameters and click the button to the right of the Lock item input:

History item

In the dialog that will appear click on the Create lock item button:

New history item

After that you must set Edit lock attribute in the Item Editor Dialog:

Keep history attribute