Saving audit trail/change history made by usersΒΆ

To save change history made by users to must specify the item that will store them.

To do so, open project parameters and click the button to the right of the History item input:

History item

In the dialog that will appear click on the Create history item button

New history item

The following message will appear when the item will be created:

History item created

After that you have to set Keep history attribute of an item to save the history its changes:

Keep history attribute

To see the history of changes of a record click the icon to the left of the close button on the right part of the header of the edit form.

Invoices history

Or you can do it using the show_history method


Changes are saved when dataset changes are applied to the database using apply method (client/server). Changes to database made with custom SQL requests are not saved in the history.


These changes can significantly increase the size of the database. Please be careful.