Inventory transactions

The application lives here:

This is interesting template due to a number of reports. There is no VBA at all. However, there is a logic within the reports to reorder the Inventory based on Reorder Level, Current Stock, and Target Stock Level.

The complete application was developed in a few hours` time. Below is the approximate process:

  • The template was uploaded to to give us all tables and data needed for the project.

  • All tables were imported into the Application Builder from the provided link after the upload.

  • The Lookup Lists are within the forms, namely:

  • Because how the Access application works, it might be a good decision to convert the Lookup Lists into tables. That way we might utilise the reports and Dashboard features with no additional code needed. The problem with any Lookup Lists is the table relationship, which can not be built with the SQL, and must be addressed with code. This is how Personal Account Ledger was built.

  • A code from previous examples was applied in the same or similar manner.


To Be Continued when/if more features were added …