server(func_name, params, callback)

domain: client

language: javascript

class AbstractItem


Use sever method to execute a function defined in the server module of an item.

Sever method executes a function with a name func_name defined in the server module of an item with parameters specified in params.

If callback is specified, the function on the server is executed asynchronously, after which the callback is executed with parameter that is the result of the server function execution, otherwise the function is executed synchronously and returns the result of the server function.

If exception was raised during the operation on the server and the callback parameter is not passed (synchronous execution), the client throws an exception. If the callback parameter is present, it is passed to the callback as parameter.

When exception is raised during the server function execution, the application on the client throws exception with the server exception text.

The first parameter of the function on the server must be item, it must be followed by the parameters specified in the function on the client.

params is a list of parameters. If there are not parameters, the params can be omitted.


The function defined in the Invoices journal server module:

def get_total(item, id_value):
    result = 0;
    copy = item.copy()
    if copy.record_count():
        result =
        raise Exception, 'Journal "invoices" does not have a record with id  %s' % id_value
    return result;

the following code in the Invoices journal client module will execute this server function:

task.invoices.server('get_total', [17], function(total, err) {
    if (err) {
        throw err;
    else {