calc_summary(detail, fields)

domain: client

language: javascript

class Item class


Use the calc_summary method to calculate sums for fields of a detail and save these values in fields of its master in the on_detail_changed event handler.

The detail parameter is the detail for the fields of which the sums are calculated.

The fields parameter is an object that defines the correspondence between the master and detail fields. The keys of this object are the master fields, the values are the corresponding details fields. If the detail field is a numeric field, its sum is calculated, otherwise the resulting value will be the number of records. The value of this object can be a function that returns the result of the calculation for a record of the detail.


function on_detail_changed(item, detail) {
    var fields = [
        {"total": "total"},
        {"tax": "tax"},
        {"subtotal": function(d) {return d.quantity.value * d.unitprice.value}}
    item.calc_summary(detail, fields);

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