on_field_select_value(field, lookup_item)

domain: client

language: javascript

class Item class


When user clicks on the button to the right of the field input or uses typeahead, the application creates a copy of the lookup item of the field and triggers on_field_select_value event. Use on_field_select_value to specify fields that will be displayed, set up filters for the lookup item, before it will be opened.

The field parameter is the field whose data will be selected.

The lookup_item parameter is a copy of the lookup item of the field


function on_field_select_value(field, lookup_item) {
    if (field.field_name === 'customer') {
        lookup_item.set_where({lastname__startwith: 'B'});
        lookup_item.view_options.fields = ['firstname', 'lastname', 'address', 'phone'];

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