domain: client

language: javascript

class Report class


Use the param_options attribute to specify parameters of the modal param form.

param_options is an object that has the following attributes:

  • width - the width of the modal form, the default value is 560 px,

  • title - the title of the modal form, the default value is the value of a report_caption attribute,

  • close_button - if true, the close button will be created in the upper-right corner of the form, the default value is true,

  • close_caption - if true and close_button is true, will display ‘Close - [Esc]’ near the button

  • close_on_escape - if true, pressing on the Escape key will trigger the close_param_form method.

  • close_focusout - if true, the close_param_form method will be called when a form loses focus

  • template_class - if specified, the div with this class will be searched in the task templates attribute and used as a form html template when creating a form


function on_param_form_created(report) {
    report.param_options.width = 800;
    report.param_options.close_button = false;
    report.param_options.close_on_escape = false;

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