create_menu: function(menu, forms_container, options)

domain: client

language: javascript

class Task


The create_menu method created a menu based on the project task tree.

If display forms in tabs attribute of the project parameters is set, initializes tabs that will be created to display forms.

It iterates through the items of the task tree and adds items to the menu for which the visible attribute is set to true, and the user has the right to view them.

The method uses to assign on click event to the menu items so that for reports the print method will be executed when a user clicks it and the view method will be executed for other items.

The following parameters could be passed to the method:

  • menu - a JQuery object of the menu element from index.html file

  • forms_container a JQuery object of the element that will contain the forms created by the view method

  • options - an object that can have the following attributes:

    • view_first - if it is true the view form of the first item in the menu will be displayed after menu is created, the default value is false

    • create_single_group - if it is true and only one group in the task tree has items the menu item for the group will be created that have a drop down menu for group items, otherwise the menuitems for each item will be created, the default value is false

    • splash_screen - an html that will be displayed in the forms_container when all tabs are closed


task.create_menu($("#menu"), $("#content"), {
    splash_screen: '<h1 class="text-center"> Demo Application</h1>',
    view_first: true