domain: server

language: python

class Item class


Examine item_state to determine the current operating mode of the item. Item_state determines what can be done with data in an item dataset, such as editing existing records or inserting new ones. The item_state constantly changes as an application processes data.

Opening a item changes state from inactive to browse. An application can call edit to put an item into edit state, or call insert or append to put an item into insert state.

Posting or canceling edits, insertions, or deletions, changes item_state from its current state to browse. Closing a dataset changes its state to inactive.

To check item_state value use the following methods:

  • is_new - indicates whether the item is in insert state

  • is_edited - indicates whether the item is in edit state

  • is_changing - indicates whether the item is in edit or insert state

item_state value can be:

  • 0 - inactive state,

  • 1 - browse state,

  • 2 - insert state,

  • 3 - edit state,

  • 4 - delete state

item task attribute have consts object that defines following attributes:


  • “STATE_BROWSE”: 1,

  • “STATE_INSERT”: 2,

  • “STATE_EDIT”: 3,


so if the item is in edit state can be checked the following way:

item.item_state == 2


item.item_state == item.task.consts.STATE_INSERT



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