Version 5.2.1


  • DBtable class declared jam.js reworked. Paginator div is removed from table and doesn’t scroll when table is scrolled. For tables with pagination y scrolling is removed. You can pass create_table method two new options:

    • summary_fields - a list of field names. When it is specified and item paginate attribute is true, the table calculates sums for numeric fields and displays them in the table footer, for not numeric fields it displays the number of records.

    • freeze_count - an integer value. If it is greater than 0, it specifies number of first columns that become frozen - they will not scroll when the table is scrolled.

  • Bug when inserting a new record and pressing Escape key doesn’t cancel operation fixed

  • Bug when history doesn’t save user name fixed

Demo project:

  • Code that calculated summary for table in invoices client module removed

  • Code of on_view_form_created event handler in the task client module of demo application and new project is changed so after deleting a record the refresh_page method is called