Version 5.3.1


  • A set of client methods of the task for working with tabs developed

  • Forms are reworked. Each form now have a div with modal-header class declared in the index.html file. The elements for search input and filter text are removed from the form templates and placed in the form header.

  • The view, append_record, insert_record and edit_record methods are reworked. If a container parameter is passed to these methods and the init_tabs method is called for the conainer, the tabs are created that contains the forms.

    For existing projects add the line


    at the beginning on the on_page_loaded event handler of the task client module to forms be desplayed in tabs and add a $(“#content”) container parameter to append_record, insert_record and edit_record methods.

    You can add a line

    task.add_form_borders = false;

    if you don’t want to change html templates of the forms. Otherwise remove elements for search input and filter text (in the div with form-header class, remove it) from the form templates and add the div with modal-header class to templates.


  • Demo was rewritten to display forms in tabs and modeless edit forms