Version 5.4.27


  • Capturing image from camera options is now available. See Capturing image from camera in the Field Editor Dialog

  • Bug in Chrome 7 with report parameters order is fixed.

  • Buttons on top attribute added to the Form tab of the Edit Form Dialog Works for new projects, for existing project copy the div with class ‘default-top-edit’ form a new project index.html to your index.html

  • read_only reworked

  • on_login event params changed, previous params supported with warning in the logs

  • There can be multiple details in view form

  • Details order can be changed now

  • Esprima-python library is used now for parsing javascript on the server

  • German translation added

  • Various minor bugs fixed

  • Readme file changed

Demo application:

  • Tracks catalog view form displays sold tracks.