Version 5.4.60ΒΆ


  • Synchronization of parameters and reloading of the task tree when metadata changes for web applications running on parallel processes reworked.

  • Import of metadata reworked. See Export/import metadata

  • Created the ability to import metadata from the migration folder when the server is restarted. See How to migrate development to production

  • Migration to another database is available now. See How to migrate to another database

  • virtual_table is now a read-only property on the client virtual_table and server virtual_table. For an item which virtual_table property is true, calling the open method creates an empty data set, and calling the apply method does nothing.

  • When importing a table the virtual_table attribute id read only now.

  • title_line_count option is added to the table_options specifies the number of lines of text displayed in a title row, if it is 0, the height of the row is determined by the contents of the title cells It can be set in Application Builder.