Version 4.0.70ΒΆ library:

  • Bug, related to last column disappearance when table content is larger than its container, fixed.

  • Bug, related to table footer, fixed.

  • lookup_type property of Field class added

  • Exception is now raised when developer forgets to add a value attribute to a field, when specifing a value for programmable cell.

  • Bug, related to date and datetime fields in when clause for SQlite database, fixed.

  • Administrator now shows project version / version information.

Demo application:

  • Filter text bug in demo application fixed.

  • Selection of search field for catalogs in demo applcation is added.

  • Multiple record selection in invoices journal in demo application is added (used when delete button is clicked)

  • Menu in demo application is changed.

  • blue-theme.css file added

Twitter account created: Users Mailing List created:!forum/jam-py