Version 4.0.81

  • Displaying of wells in modeless forms is corrected

  • Async parameter for the client apply method added

  • Bug of clone method when expanded attribute is false fixed

  • Bug retated to lookup_value, lookup_text and display_text properties of fields and params with lookup_lists fixed

  • Bug, when users were able to print reports when ‘Can view’ was disabled for their role, fixed

  • Open, set_where, set_fields, set_order_by methods on the server can have the same parameters as corresponding. methods on the client

  • Edit_record, apply changes, cancel_edit methods on the client modified so that user can open documents for viewing when can_edit method returns false

  • When converting reports the soffice is passed norestore parameters

  • Starting ‘/’ signs are removed from css and js links in index.html file


  • Validation of field names is corrected

Demo application:

  • Select button added to the Invoices edit form to add selected tracks to the invoice.

  • Visible items whose set_view method returns false are not added to the dynamic menu