Report parametersΒΆ

You can specify the parameters of the report. For example, the Customer purchases report of the Demo project have three parameters.

Report parameters

To add or change a report parameter click Report params button in the left panel of the Application builder. A form will appear displaying the list of existing parameters. Then click New or Edit button of the form to add or change the parameter.

Report param

In the dialog box fill in:

  • Caption - the name of the parameter that appears to users

  • Name - the name of the parameter will be used in programming code to get access to the parameter object.

  • Type - the data type of the parameter

  • Visible - the client application creates a form to specify the parameters before printing the report. If this checkbox is checked, the input element for this parameter will appear in the form

  • Required - if this checkbox is checked and Visible attribute is set, the client application will require a users to specify the parameter value before printing the report

  • Align - specifies how a value of the parameter will be aligned in the input element

You can create a lookup parameter, For example, the Customer purchases report has a Customer parameter that can be selected from Customers catalog:

Lookup parameter

In this case you should specify

  • Lookup item - the item to select the parameter value from

  • Lookup field - the field in the lookup item

Form for setting the parameters of Customer purchases report is as follows:

Customer purchases parameters example