Intergation with existing databaseΒΆ

You can use with existing database, that is supported by the framework.

  • Create a new project with existing database.

  • If you want to import tables in catalogs or journals groups, delete Common fields:

    Select Groups node in the project tree, dbl click corresponding group and delete common fields.

    Or create new empty groups.

  • Select Project node and click Database button. Set DB manual mode to true.

  • Select group you want to import a table to and click Import button.

  • In the form that will appear dbl click on the table to import it.

  • In the Item Editor Dialog check that all fields have valid types. If field type is displayed in the red, try to select appropriate type.

    You can import a subset of fields in the table.

    Before saving, specify the primary key field for the item and generator name, if necessary.

  • After saving the imported item, go to the project page and check how it is displayed.

  • After importing several tables, you can specify lookup fields (in DB manual mode).


Please, do be very careful when performing this operations.

When DB manual mode is removed any changes to the item will be reflected in the corresponding DB table. If you delete the item, the table will be dropped from the database.


The database table to be imported must have a primary key with one field.


Binary fields must not be imported.


This is a new feature, so if you have some comments, suggestions or found some bugs please send a message.